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  • Not all rugs were created equally. When it comes to the cleaning of Oriental, Persians and other fine Wool rugs it is crucial to examine each rug carefully to insure that each gets the correct cleaning. Some Oriental rugs require meticulous hand cleaning while others could possibly use the benefit of modern green cleaning methods. At Houston Steam Cleaning, we offer a variety of rug cleaning methods.
  • Professional and Trained Techs
  • Our technicians have undergone training in Oriental rug cleaning and green cleaning, to ensure that each rug gets the appropriate cleaning it needs. We understand that you have invested in your oriental rugs and area rugs, so we work diligently to ensure that we remove any stain without causing any damage and restore the rug to its glorious self. You can rest assured knowing that your carpet and rug is in very capable hands.
  • Free Pick Up and Drop Off
  • We use mounted trucks, which inject hot water deep into the carpet fibers, loosening the dirt and debris from your oriental rug. We then vacuum the debris, effectively removing it without spreading the stain or damaging the Persian rug. We even offer free pick up and drop off, so you don't need to worry about paying pick up or delivery fees.
  • Special and Personalized Care
  • In most cases, general carpet cleaners aren't suitable for cleaning Persian and oriental rugs. They may damage the fibers, and they may cause lasting damage that could well have been avoided. Cheap rug cleaning companies should be avoided at all costs, because they use the same equipment to clean every type of rug. Here at Houston Steam cleaning however, we have a variety of high quality equipment on hand that is fully designed to remove the toughest of stains from delicate carpets and rugs.

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