Heavy Traffic Restoration

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  • hallway and stairs are heavy traffic areas

Do you know these areas in your home or your office that just don't seem to come clean using conventional cleaning methods? Like the area in front of the sofa where the kids are playing and the entry hall or the stairs leading to the second floor. Look no further, because Houston Steam Cleaning can handle anything efficiently and with minimal time wastage. Our staff members are highly qualified with years of experience in the industry. It doesn't matter whether you need a full carpet clean or some stubborn stains removed from your hallways, we pride ourselves on the level of service that we have to offer and we can't wait to take your call. We can do any type of carpet, and we specialize in high traffic areas so you can rest assured knowing that our cleaning professionals will do anything and everything to ensure that the job is done to the highest specifications and to our own professional standards.

Our customers continue to choose us as their number one steam cleaning provider because they know we can remove deep dirt and muddy footprints in no time at all. We can prolong the life of your carpet by giving it that "just cleaned" smell as well as removing any debris that might be lodged in the fibers. If you want to restore your carpet then contact our team today. We will always give you a free quote when you contact our team, and we pride ourselves on our no hidden fee policy. Whether you need to renew your carpet to improve the appearance of your home or to simply remove those stubborn stains, we always try to give you a quote that meets your budget.

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