In 2004, the IOM, or the Institute of Medicine found that indoor mold was linked to many health difficulties, such as respiratory tract infections and asthma. Mold is a very common fungus that is often found inside air ducts and vents. It grows in warm and damp environments, and it can also attach to structures such as flooring, drywall and other materials in a home. The Center for Disease Control, or the CDC, recommend that if you see mold inside air ducts or anywhere else around your home, you should hire a professional that offers remediation of mold in contaminated ductwork. in a paper about

Mold Prevention and Possible Health Effects published by the CDC, the caution that:

Although molds can be found almost anywhere, they need moisture and nutrients to grow. The exact specifications for optimal mold growth vary by the species of mold. However, mold grows best in damp, warm environments. The availability of nutrients in indoor environments rarely limits mold growth because wood, wallboard, wallpaper, upholstery, and dust can be nutrient sources. Similarly, the temperature of indoor environments, above freezing and below the temperature for denaturing proteins, can support mold growth, even if the actual temperature is not optimal

Basic Symptoms of Mold Allergies

  • sneezing
  • coughing
  • congestion
  • watery and itchy eyes
  • postnasal drip
  • *taken from

    Removing Mold Professionally

    If you find that there is mold in your home:

  • Call a professional as they will come and remove the mold
  • We will sanitize your air ducts
  • We will clean and remove out any debris.
  • Treat the Air Ducts to prevent new growth of mold.

    Professionally removing mold provides a safer living environment for both you and your family, as mold is widely known for having an effect on a child's health due to their weaker immune systems. If you find mold in your air vents, then this means that the mold is being circulated around your home, posing as a health risk to every family member.

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